Scribal Workshop With Sylvana Barrett

Sylvana Barrett is an LA-area artist who focuses on the techniques of Medieval and early Renaissance Europe, which includes gilding, egg tempera, and panel painting. She has 25 years of experience in her chosen area of expertise.

She does art demonstrations, lectures, and classes regularly at the Getty and the Huntington Library. We are privileged to be able to offer a two-day class from her on the Thursday and Friday before the Symposium. The class is limited to 25 students, and costs $100 per student. The topic is “Renaissance Illumination in the Style of Jean Bourdechon” She is shown below with the panel painting she demos during the “Icons of the Sinai” show currently at the Getty.

Her classes are popular; if the symposium class is not filled by May 1, registration will be opened to the rest of the LA art community. Don’t lose out on this unique opportunity!

Most supplies will be provided: these will include basic pigments, binders, gold for small leafing, and paper. Gilding tools for three gilding stations will be available.

Images from Bourdichon’s work and several light boxes to trace with will also be provided for those who want to use them (this will be optional of course.)

Workshop participants will need to bring a few items: 1. Watercolor type palette, plastic is OK, ceramic better. They will have 8 or 9 pigments and should have space for all of these so that they can keep the paint they make for use later. (KWHSS will be purchasing small closable containers).

2. Small, nicely pointed watercolor brushes, sizes 0 and 1 are good. It is the point that is important in this technique. Windsor and Newton Septre Gold II is a good choice.

3. Pencil, Hard or HB, not the soft drawing type lead. (We will also have pencils available)

4. Small containers for water, things they may like to have when painting. (Dixie cups are great, and will be available)

1. Additional pigments. (Flavia from Griffin Dyeworks will be attending the workshop… contact her beforehand if you are interested
2. Gilding materials and tools.
3. Shell Gold. We will make a metallic paint. Bourdichon used a great deal of shell gold, like most Renaissance Illuminators he did not favor leaf gold… it distracts from the painting, the metallic paint we will make works just as well but is made of other metals than gold.
4. Additional parchment or papers they want to work with. (This will be provided by KWHSS)